qlau♥ Claudia
21 years old.
Hopeless romantic.
Taken <3

I like drinking coffee alone and reading alone. I like riding the bus alone and walking home alone. It gives me time to think and set my mind free. I like eating alone and listening to music alone. But when I see a mother with her child, a girl with her lover, or a friend laughing with their best friend, I realize that, even though I like being alone... I don’t fancy being lonely.


I need some backup.
Something to hold on to.
I can’t keep going through this by myself,
some support, in real life, would be nice. 


If someone could just hold me tight,
hug me tenderly, once.. just once. 

Hard times are coming. (personal)

 I feel to weak to fight.
 I have nothing to hold on to.
 I’m afraid, I’m terrified.

 But I have to go on,  I have to stand up and fight for myself.
 I’ve been screaming in silence for months and nobody seems to notice.
 Those who notice pretend they didn’t, or just walk away.
 I don’t blame them. This is too much for them. It’s out of their control,
 and they don’t know how to help me. I know, it’s too much for me too.
 That’s why I can’t fight it on my own. 

 It could be easier If I had someone to hold me.
 But I don’t, and I can’t wait for a miracle to happen,
 I need to get help now, this slipped out of my hands.  
 I’m coming for an appointment this tuesday.
 If I don’t get better  with it.. I don’t what else can I do for myself. 

 I wrote this because I need to vent.
 I’m sorry if it is a disapointment for anybody.

I remember everything. Every smile, kiss, conversation.
Every single second since the day we met for the first time.

If you ever hurt me, I will forgive you. And If you ever let me fall, I’ll be there to catch you when you’re falling, because that’s the way I am. But I would really appreciate you not hurting me, and If there’s one thing I could ask for you, that would be: please, please never let me fall.

Matenme porque me muero..


I can’t stop crying, I just want everything to go away.

I am a fail at life.

I can’t ever manage to be good enough for no one;
I can never achieve what people expects from me.
Why is it so hard to just get things right?
& why is it so easy to slip when I’m doing fine?
I always get back and do the same mistakes…

No wonder why I am always so alone.

Going to sleep.

Thanks to the people who took a little of their time to put something positive in my ask box. I am a person who lives by words, for words.. every time I receive a cute, positive message, it does amazing things for me. <3 Thanks, really.

Good night, my dear followers. <3


No quiero hablar,
quiero que alguien me abraze..
como por.. muchas horas..

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